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Construction Equipment

We specialize in the exporting of used Construction and Forestry equipment that is only in very good to excellent condition. We do not deal in junk equipment.

Our equipment comes from Construction Companies that have surplus equipment and no longer have projects for their use. Other sources include reputable equipment dealers that have taken equipment on trade for other equipment. Several of our suppliers have very large rental fleets with excellent equipment we can draw from.

Should you have need for a special type or model of Construction or Forestry Equipment we would welcome the opportunity to find precisely what you need. With over forty five years of experience with highly respected Caterpillar Dealers we are more than highly qualified to find , inspect, and negotiate fair and reasonable pricing consistent with the age, condition and other pertinent factors related to the equipment.

Our program assures that you will never get burnt on the purchase of equipment like that of those less than reputable companies that offer what is known in the industry as: "Paint job overhauls".

Pricing would be furnished after our rigid inspection of the equipment you need.

We sincerely hope you will give us a shot at your valued business.

We have equipment listed. Please request list.

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